AVG has been named as the Best Architectural Company in 2019







Among the projects of AVG Group there are hundreds of private premium class properties – residences, villas, apartments. Many objects are located outside of Ukraine.

There are practically no companies on the Ukrainian market that are able to develop a design project and fully implement it from the concept to the smallest decorative elements – this allows you to get the desired result faster and with less involvement of the customer.

Each meter of living space is a part of a unique world in which a person feels comfortable and natural. The main mission of the designer is to make life more comfortable and emotionally colored. Thanks to this approach, our clients enjoy every moment being in their house or apartment.


  • Development of a design project of any complexity
  • Photorealistic 3D visualization of the interior
  • Project equipment and decor
  • Calculation of estimates and construction work schedule
  • Author and technical supervision
  • Project management and implementation
ЖК Geos интерьер апартаментов Киев

Interior of the apartment

G 220

ЖК Park Avenue інтер'єр апартаментів

Interior of the apartment

PA 29

Інтер'єр апартаментів G 221

Interior of the apartment

G 221

JH 50 інтер'єр апартаментів Київ

Interior of the apartment

JH 50