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Shopping and entertainment center

Planeta Mall is a modern global space for shopping and leisure, for business and development at a new level, which is one of the TOP largest shopping and entertainment centers in Ukraine.

The AVG team acts as the general designer and author of the interior design of the mall in Kharkiv.

This is a project of reconstruction and reconception of the former Magellan shopping mall, which has been operating in Kharkiv since 2011. Large-scale restoration of the facility began in 2020.

Within its boundaries, the area of the 3-level shopping center has more than doubled: the total area increased from 40,000 to 110,000 m2, area for rent increased from 35,790 to 70,000 m2. According to the project, the facade and design of the mall have been completely changed. In particular, the exterior of the building will be decorated with a media facade of more than 2,500 m2, which will allow broadcasting a variety of content: from simple text messages to video and dynamic graphics. Also, within the new concept, additional road entrances have been created, public transport stops have been equipped, etc.

During the development of the project it was decided to involve the widest tenant mix in the mall and to update the entertainment area. Planeta Mall will feature a 3,000 m2 children’s entertainment center, a 7-screen cinema and a large food hall area.
The space will be decorated in a space-planetary style, which combines the scale of galaxies and the brightness of the planets, conveying a sense of weightlessness and all-encompassing space. This interior reflects the broad theme of space, but at the same time retains a feeling of warmth and comfort. Futuristic design, which combines minimalism and originality, comfort and innovation, successfully emphasized and refreshed the interior. High dark ceilings with bright light accents and wide galleries create a feeling of weightlessness and slowing down time.

The building has already been put into operation and all construction works are being completed.

Renovation and full launch of the mall are scheduled for spring 2022.

Latest news on the progress of construction at the link: https://avg.world/en/media/implementation-of-the-planeta-mall-project-at-the-final-stage/

Facts and figures


Marunchak B.


Smirnov S., Syrovatsky I., Ostrovskaya O., Kucher R., Shevchenko S., Telpish L., Tonkonog D., Kim Yu., Volchuk M.


General design, architectural concept, visualization, interior architecture, facade redesign.


110 000 m2



Chief Architect / Chief project engineer

Amelchenko R., Maksimov O., Smetanyuk O.


Gvozdikovsky D., Yaryna A., Alekseev O., Pogorsky R., Plienko A., Amelchenko K., Zavyalova D., Litvinenko O.


Stolyarov D., Emelyantseva I., Mian M., Drobotun D., Sunko S.


In implementation



Shopping and entertainment center


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Shopping and entertainment center

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