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Head office of an education company


The first challenge was the building itself, because to place in the fortification of the XIX century coworking and office of the organization, whose main profile is innovation in education, creating a bright space that promotes communication and creates a cozy unobtrusive atmosphere – not an easy task.

The vaulted structure of the premises caused load limitations, difficulties in laying engineering networks and severe limitations in planning decisions.

The architecture itself is extremely expressive and self-sufficient, so we wanted to preserve the historical heritage as much as possible. For this reason, it was decided to leave open the vaults of the brickwork almost in its original form. Thus, the furniture, decoration, glass partitions were aligned at +2 400 mm, and artistic lighting, directed upwards, further emphasizes the authenticity of the room.

Premises before the restoration

In terms of functionality, we have offered a choice of different scenarios, so there are separate offices, open space, small niches for private communication, places for negotiations and meetings, rooms for trainings and conferences, several technical rooms and, of course, a children’s room.

Comfort of work is reflected in optimum conditions of a microclimate, light, acoustics and ergonomics. Modern environmental trends are reflected in the use of appropriate materials and even in the organization of waste sorting.

The HUB Osvitoria is located in one of the buildings of the Kyiv Fortress, built in the middle of the 19th century. For a long time the building was used as a workshop of the military plant Arsenal. Therefore, all engineering networks had to be replaced by modern solutions.

Interior of Osvitoria HUB during restoration works

The choice of loft style while maintaining the authentic brickwork and vaults also required the selection of equipment, primarily energy efficient, but at the same time quiet enough not to create additional noise pollution.

Coworking is equipped with modern video and world solutions to create conditions for mass events and training programs. High-speed wireless internet is available for conferences.

The Osvitoria HUB is designed in accordance with the requirements of accessibility, so that people with disabilities and parents with baby carriages do not feel discomfort when visiting the institution.

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Prymachok L., Prymachok O., Meshkova M., Bokhova V., Brodovsky V., Marina S., Rybalka A., Vovk I.




Moskovska St, 2, Kyiv


924 sq. m





Head office of a construction company


Renovation of part of the Arsenal

Pavilion №5