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MFC Dnipro

Multifunctional complex

The main idea of this project is to start the complex development of the Dnipro embankment, many parts of which are now in disrepair, lost their original recreational functions or built up with industrial facilities in the days when it was the outskirts of Kyiv.

MFC Dnipro demonstrates that this area can be reconstructed, refilled with life and adapted to the needs of the modern city.

The complex is divided into three main zones – hotel, office and entertainment.

The first zone will house a five-star hotel with 210 rooms that meet the standards and requirements of the world’s best hotel operators. On the ground floor there is a reception area, a spa complex, a gym, two restaurants and a casino hall. On the next four floors there is hotel room area, represented by rooms “king-size bedroom”, “queen-size bedroom”, “luxury bedroom”. Each room has a large terrace overlooking the Dnipro River.

The point of attraction of the hotel will be a glass atrium 25 meters high and 30 meters wide, which offers a magnificent view of the left bank of the Dnipro, filled with greenery. Guests of the hotel will be able to fully enjoy the beauty of the atrium and the Dnipro River, moving upstairs by panoramic elevators.

The landscaping of the hotel is divided into two parts – the upper private and directly adjacent to the hotel, which houses two swimming pools, a walking area for residents, a restaurant terrace, and the lower public with promenades and green areas closer to the Dnipro River.

The landscaping of the hotel flows smoothly into a well-kept promenade with small architectural forms, art installations, pocket parks, recreational areas, parking for people who just walk. Also, on the waterfront there is a marina.

In the second zone there is an office building. The location near a powerful transport interchange allows you to easily get here from anywhere in the city, both by car and by public transport. On the first floor there is a retail area, on the second and third – offices, on the fourth – a yacht club and a restaurant with an outdoor terrace, where you can see the beauty of day and night Kyiv.

In the third zone there is an event hall, which can be transformed into events of different types – concepts, performances, sports and other mass events. At night, the event hall is illuminated by dynamic lighting, which creates the effect of flicker through the use of slats in the design of facades.

We are confident that the implementation of the MFC Dnipro will demonstrate how beautiful, functional and attractive can be the Dnipro embankment, which originates in Podil and ends far beyond the South Bridge.

Facts and figures


Gvozdikovsky D., Alekseev O., Emelyantseva I., Stolyarov D., Popkov D.


General Designer






41 975 sq. m



GEO концепція готельного комплексу

The concept of the hotel complex