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Shopping and entertainment center

DAFI Shopping and Entertainment Center was put into operation in November 2005 in Dnipro.

In 2018, the owners thought about a comprehensive renovation of the complex and set a goal to update the technical part, to make it look like modern trends in architecture and design.

AVG conceptual architects have developed a project to renovate the facade and interiors, including halls, food courts, bathrooms, etc. It was necessary to renovate the building in accordance with modern trends, so that DAFI again became a point of attraction for citizens and set the architectural style for the renovation of the entire area.

The height and dimensions of the building remained unchanged. The finish and configuration of the facade have changed dramatically: the main part of it has become glass, dynamic lighting has appeared, and decorative perforated material has been fixed on top of the glazed and deaf parts.

Landscaping around the mall has also changed in accordance with modern requirements and trends in landscaping.

All changes were planned only at the expense of the territory adjacent to the building, which did not affect the pedestrian infrastructure, on the contrary, the recreation areas became more modern and comfortable.

The entrance from the parking lot and the pedestrian paths of the complex are equipped with convenient navigation elements, there are ramps and parking for bicycles.

When working on the interior of the mall, the architects paid special attention to the characteristics of materials and color solutions. Preference was given to Scandinavian motifs and the use of natural materials. Porcelain in combination with glossy white tiles visually increased the space vertically, and wooden elements became islands of comfort and coziness.

In the area of ​​the food court, geometric patterns on the floor found a response on the ceiling in the form of large color strokes. This technique made the space more concise and coherent. Columns with decorative lighting were also used to visually raise the ceiling. Green plants organically fit into the interior, in particular, a brand ox made of stabilized moss was installed, which significantly enlivened the space.

Торгово-развлекательный центр Dafi

The renovation project took into account the need for barrier-free space, so the premises of the mall became comfortable for people with disabilities and parents with baby carriages.

Due to the use of laconic natural materials, a modern bright interior, attractive and multifunctional, has been created. The complex has become even more convenient, and as a result, the number of visitors has increased significantly.

The renovation of DAFI Mall was associated with a range of technical, engineering, design and other constraints. As the complex was supposed to be updated only, not rebuilt, all decisions had to be made taking into account the existing conditions.

Planning decisions were related to the arrangement of food courts, halls, bathrooms. All of them were implemented in the general concept of redesign, which provided for the creation of a trendy, sustained in modern European traditions of exterior and interior.

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Sunko S., Zaboy V., Mironchuk I., Molev Y., Ostrovska O., Kustovskaya O., Zez D., Gorodnytsky I., Kuzina S.







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Pre-design, Visualization, Interior design, Fasade redisign




20 000 m²

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