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Club apartaments


The development of the project of the club house, located in the historical part of Kyiv, from the conceptual idea to the unique details of the interior was developed by specialists of our company.

The land plot is located in the center of the historical area of ​​Kyiv, on the territory of Shevchenkivskyi district. The design area is located on the edge of the slope of Vozdvyzhenka Mountain, in the historical area of ​​Kudryavets, which is a cape of the high right-bank Dnieper plateau. The territory within the design area has a slope of up to 12 m.

The architects of AVG faced the task of creating a modern house and organically fitting it into the existing historic buildings of the center of Kyiv. Entrances to the territory are provided from Kudryavska Street using the roof of the parking lot. The parking lots of the residential part are located in a built-in parking lot for storing cars belonging to residents. The project provides for measures for the unimpeded and convenient movement of people with disabilities to the buildings of the facility and the territory.

ЖК Concordia Кудрявська, 45

The house has two entrances: the main one, which leads to the lobby, and a private one from the backyard. You can get to the lobby, both from the yard and by climbing on a silent elevator directly from the underground parking. There is a single scheduling system integrated with the security system.

The architectural and artistic solution of a residential building organically fits into the surrounding buildings and is a compositional accent. The accepted height of the house and its form provides high comfort of rooms and level of salting in the existing building of the area.

The proposed planning scheme is due to the configuration of the allotted land.

Typical floor plan

The location of a multi-storey building in this quarter allows to solve a number of important town-planning tasks: optimal use of the spatial planning space of the site with the maximum placement of parking spaces in the underground parking lot; increasing the density of housing, ensuring the aesthetic appearance and integrity of the architectural ensemble.

The interior design of the lobby, elevator halls, children’s room, lobbies, SPA complex and individual furniture was performed in a single stylized solution and simultaneously with the development of architectural and engineering solutions, which significantly reduced the time for the customer.

Facts and Figures


Sedak D.Yu., Rozanov V. Pavlyukov V., Pavlyukov A., Dyuseev R., Bulavska T., Zabolotskikh O., Molev Yu.




12 080 sq. m


General designer


IBK Obrii


Pastushenko N., Prymachok O., Brodovsky V.




Kudryavska Street, 45, Kyiv


Under construction

Cottage Towm Словаччина

Cottage town concept

Cottage Town

ЖК La Manche жилой комплекс

Residential complex

La Manche