AVG has been named as the Best Architectural Company in 2019

IBUILD 2021 CEO AVG Андрей Войтко


AVG is the best architectural and design organization!

AVG is recognized as the best architectural and design organization according to the IBuild award, which is organized annually by the Confederation of Builders of Ukraine!

“Many thanks to the expert council of the Ibuild Award for this honorable award for us! I believe that the work we do every day with customers, developers, general contractors, makes a great contribution to the development of our country. I am proud of our team, thanks to which AVG has been awarded the title of the best architectural and design organization! ”, – commented Andriy Voitko, founder and CEO of the AVG group of companies.

IBUILD is the main construction award of Ukraine, which recognizes the best representatives of the construction industry, the best construction and development companies and the best objects of the current year.