AVG has been named as the Best Architectural Company in 2019

Арсенальна площа Генеральний проектувальник AVG Group


Arsenal Square – new attraction point on the city map

Аrsenal Square is a landmark location not only for the city, but also without any exaggeration, for the whole country. Until recently, it was just a transit area and an inconspicuous place with a predominance of small architectural forms, and now a public space where everyone is interesting and comfortable.

Arsenal Square is interesting because it had a formed character and in the process of renovation we only revealed and adapted what we had to the new function. Today this place has come to life and we are infinitely happy about it.

  • Status: implemented
  • Role in the project: general designer
  • Year of implementation: 2021
  • Area: 9 051 m2
  • Customer: A Development
  • Location: Kyiv

Read about the renovation process at the link:

Арсенальна площа Генеральний проектувальник AVG Group