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At the initial stage of development of the design project it is necessary to collect the whole package of the necessary information, both technical, and the list of wishes of the client.

A large and very important stage of cooperation between the designer and the client is dedicated to the sketch project. First, based on the information gathered by the designer of measurement plans, it is necessary to consider and discuss potential planning decisions. In the process of this work, the designer needs to divide the available space into functional zones, arrange the furniture and appliances schematically, and then provide drawings, which are approved by the customer and used later as the basis of the design project.

The direct creative task of the designer at this stage, which can be called the main – the conceptual solution of the interior, which involves the choice of stylistic direction, combination of colors, finishing materials, decor. As a result, the designer will offer the client for coordination sets of three-dimensional images, on which you can see in detail the future interior.

After the provided sketches are agreed and approved by the client, the designer develops a package of drawings of the working project. This documentation contains all the necessary technical data: sections and sections, processing of technical units and other necessary information, according to which the construction team and other professionals should implement the interior.

At this stage, the designer also provides the so-called list of finishing works – a summary table, which describes the nuances such as the scans of the walls and tile layouts. The second statement applies to all electrical products required for electrical equipment and appliances. On the basis of these tables the draft estimate is calculated transparently and easily.

From now on, the process of creating a design project of an apartment or residence is with the constant participation of the client and two specialists: the project manager, he solves all current work issues, and the designer himself, he is the direct creator of the project and supervises.



JH 96 інтер'єр апартаментів Київ

Interior of the apartment

JH 96

AVG Group інтер'єр апартаментів м. Київ

аpartment interior

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