AVG has been named as the Best Architectural Company in 2019

General Designer

An integrated approach - from idea to implementation

For the design of complex objects, with a large number of individual design works (surveys, audits, preparation of the assignment, etc.), it is beneficial for the development company to attract a single contractor responsible for the final result – the general designer.

This approach guarantees that there are no problems with “blurring” the boundaries of responsibility between individual design and survey organizations, as well as contractors involved in a single process of developing documentation.

The AVG Group team includes specialists from all the necessary sections of the project documentation, whose qualifications are confirmed by the necessary certificates of conformity.

The portfolio of the AVG Group includes a number of completed projects in the status of general designer. In particular, these are shopping and entertainment and business centers, residential complexes, as well as objects of reconstruction and restoration, which require additional knowledge and design experience.

The general designer participates in all meetings with expertise (depending on the source of funding – for commercial objects without budgetary funding, you can use non-state expertise. For budgetary – only state expertise), works with experts, answers questions, if necessary, makes adjustments based on the comments of experts and removes those.

Concordia клубний будинок

Club apartaments


Smart Plaza Obolon

Shopping and entertainment center