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The success of a commercial object depends on the location, positioning and design.

The exterior and interior of the shopping center are completely subject to the marketing strategy and positioning concept that meet the interests and requirements of the target audience of consumers and tenants.

The design of the shopping center directly affects the future profitability.

It is very easy to explain this relationship: the most solvent customers spend more than one visit, the most solvent customers attract the most expensive brands represented in the mall, and brands take into account the full range of factors when deciding to enter a center.

And if we are talking about a luxury brand, which is particularly careful about its reputation, for him the critical factors in deciding to enter a particular object can be not just the strategic location and design of the mall, but also such details as finishing, quality of materials, navigation, the possibility of renting the first floor with a separate entrance from the street, a view from the roadway, the neighborhood and the competitive environment and many other factors.

The interior of the shopping center provides for the creation of optimally comfortable conditions for visitors and tenants. They are expressed in how well-thought-out the center is in terms of consumer needs within a single retail space. In particular, we are talking about the choice of anchor tenants, as well as the size of the entertainment area, food court area and many other factors.

At the same time, navigation, opportunities and capacity of parking, strategic location of escalators, travelators, stairs, elevators, individual outlets, shops, brand sections and islands are extremely important. Most often, visitors and tenants expect completely different qualities from the design of the shopping center, and the task of the designer is to skillfully, concisely, ergonomically and beautifully embody and combine them.

The choice of materials for the interior design of the shopping center is an image factor in the design of a commercial object. The success of attracting key tenants and a demanding audience depends on the decoration. In addition to functional requirements, wear resistance of floors, walls, brand sections, windows, elevators and a variety of equipment in the infrastructure of the shopping center, high demands are placed on the quality of materials.



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