AVG has been named as the Best Architectural Company in 2019


Building Information Modeling

AVG Group develops project documentation using BIM-technologies. This is an information modeling of buildings that allows you to manage an array of data at different stages of the life cycle of the object.

Building Information Modeling allows architects, developers and builders to significantly increase productivity, manage complex projects in a simpler and more understandable form, minimize the cost of implementation and largely remove costs by significantly simplifying changes to project documentation.

Based on the information model, you can obtain design documentation, check the intersection of utilities and structural elements before construction, purchase materials, as well as control the construction process.

Each technological leap caused fear and mistrust in the early stages. However, the first who realized all the benefits of innovation, were at the forefront of further processes, and thus conquered the market.

Now the Ukrainian construction market is critical to understand the main principle: BIM design is about working for the result of all participants together: designers, customer service, general contractor and maintenance service.

Shopping and entertainment center


GEO концепція готельного комплексу

The concept of the hotel complex